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Dean The Balloonatic
Dean Davis (Balloon Artist)

Self portrait of Dean The Balloonatic one of the best twisters of balloon animals in the Chicagoland area.
Dean Davis
Glendale Hts., IL
Phone (630)469-0036
I am one of the best detail balloon animal twisters in the Chicagoland area. My website features Twising Instructions on the basic twists, along with how to twist a Puppy Dog, Pictures, Over 100 pictures of balloon sculptures along with Flash animated balloons and 360 degree views, Contact Info, a Puzzle Page, and Frequently Asked Questions, and quite a few other ways to spend a few hours of your time.
I've forgotten how may balloon designs that I do, (it's well over 1000 but I've lost count).

If you don't have Flash installed on your computer already please take the time to do it now.

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